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Services Offered

I provide psychological treatment to adults who are experiencing mental health difficulties.


This may include work-related stress, burnout, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Some of my specialist interests are listed below, however these are not exhaustive.

Providing Psychological Support to Doctors and Health Professionals

Doctors and health professionals, are increasingly struggling to maintain their own health and can often find it difficult to access health services for themselves. 

Working closely with other mental health professionals, I provide psychological support to enable staff to maintain, or return to, their demanding roles. But more importantly, these staff members have learnt how to look after their health and prevent further episodes of ill health.

US Air Force

I have had a close working relationship with RAF Lakenheath and RAF Mildenhall for many years.

I provide psychological support for family members of those stationed at the bases.

I  also provide support to veterans and retirees from the USA military, in addition to active duty members where it would be preferable to be seen off base.

Trauma Focussed CBT

This form of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is used with those who have experienced a significant traumatic event, and have developed post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I work with the US Air Force in support of active duty service personnel and veterans.  I specialise in the treatment of trauma related injuries, whether these are combat related or otherwise.

Employee Support

I provide a service to several employers within the region, providing psychological support for their staff.

This is a completely confidential service, enabling staff members to resolve their mental health difficulties. 

This also provides the employer confidence in the knowledge that their staff health is managed effectively and efficiently. 


Tinnitus (a sound in the ears which has no external source) is experienced by many people.

For many who experience Tinnitus, they are able to continue with their lives as usual, and the Tinnitus does not cause any negative impact.

However, for some people, Tinnitus can be severely distressing and can have a severe impact on their lives. Anxiety and depression are common in those who suffer with Tinnitus.

I work with Tinnitus suffers, alongside their Audiologists, to help them develop ways to manage the Tinnitus to that they are able to live their lives as normal, and prevent the Tinnitus from having a negative impact.

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